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What’s really cool with GlassFish v2.

Kaboom! Today we have announced the official release of GlassFish v2, aka our 9.1 version. Tons of blogs will pops up about the subject, but none of them will tell you what’s really cool with v2! If you expect reading stuff about Servlet, JSP, Toplink or EJB, then move away as I personally don’t consider those technologies cool enough those days :-). GlassFish v2 hidden features (or not officially ‘marketed’) are much much cool. So what are they? Here we come:


JRuby on Rails Support. Although not officially supported in v2, JRuby on Rails is what I consider the coolest thing you can do with GlassFish v2. The Grizzly’s native support (which is also the foundation of GlassFish v3 support) makes JRuby on Rails experience really cool…and fast!

Comet support. This is my favorite one as I can’t stop having fun with it! :-). As AJAX based applications are becoming the de facto technology when designing a web based application, it is becoming essential that such applications can react “on the fly”, or real time to both client and server events. When data are manipulated either by clients or servers components, it is fundamental to have the capability to update web based applications in real time. The Comet request protocol can be used as a technique to enable real-time updates of both clients and server component which are part of a web application. GlassFish v2 is one of the first Application Server that support Comet via the Grizzly Asynchronous request processing (ARP) extension. Fully asynchronous application (client and/or server side) can be easily written (and already used in cool product like this one). More important, Grizzly’s Comet is the only one that fully support server side asynchronous read and write operations (neither Jetty nor Tomcat have it ready like GlassFish :-)). Interested to learn what is Comet and how to use it? Here is a list of GlassFish related blogs:

Virtual Hosting: Virtual Hosting features of v2 are greatly improved over our previous version. Check here for more info.

Http compression: v2 now support Http Compression. For people that care about bandwidth, http compression is the way to go.

Java Web Start Support: that feature is really cool when it’s time to distribute your application. More info here.

No native code anymore!. OK that one is really my favorite one! SJS AS 7.0, 8.1/8.2 EE version shipped with the Sun native WebServer as front end, where 8.x and 9.0 shipped with Grizzly. After months, and months, and months of debates and discussions, we where able to convince peoples internally that a pure Java based Web Server can perform as well (and faster!) than a native C server. Trust me it wasn’t easy at all to manage to remove that C monster (event at Sun!). Hence our 9.1 EE (enterprise edition) release is our FIRST release that doesn’t contains C code for the http path. The internal war is finally over…and the winner is: JAVA

Finally, there are tons of new things coming from the Web team that can be found here. Innovation is back 🙂

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