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HoHoHoHo: Project Grizzly 1.7.0 released!

Grizzly 1.7.0 is out, and this is our biggest release ever in term new functionality, new Grizzlies fans, code contributions, adoption etc.


This release is quite impressive in terms of feedback we got from the community, and the new features we added in order to make the community happy:

  • Framework: Added out-of-the-box support for Asynchronous Read and Write for TCP, UDP and TLS
  • Framework: Added support for sharing global data among ProtocolFilter execution
  • Framework: Refactored the ProtocolParser interface based on community feedback and IIOP/Corba implementation (see Scott introduction here)
  • Framework: Improved UDP support
  • Framework: fixed several issues reported by the community
  • http: Fixed several issues reported in GlassFish v2.1…released today as well!!
  • http: Added a new API named SelectorThread.listen() to allow the WebServer to start without blocking
  • http: Added SSL/CRL support
  • http: Improved Cookie parsing performance
  • comet: added support for http pipelining
  • comet: Improved Grizzlet support
  • cometd: Fully compatible with the lastest Bayeux protocol
  • continuation: Added a very simple to use Continuation interface
  • tutorials: new tutorial on how to work with Grizzly
  • jRuby: Updated support to 1.1b
  • Bundles: Added ready to use bundles for the embedding WebServers family:http, Comet Server, Cometd Server and JRuby on Rails. Those bundles contains one jar that can be started using java -jar command or easily embedded as a single jar file

Our bear family is also growing: Jetty, Sailfin, OpenESB, GlassFish v3, DWR, ICEfaces, Jersey, RESTlet, Sun’s Corba implementation, and tons of unknown users :-). This release is our biggest, thanks to the community! Congratulation to everybody that have contributed to Project Grizzly!!

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