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Happy Birthday Project Grizzly!

Happy Birthday Project Grizzly! One year has passed since we started the little Project Grizzly by its own, learning how to walk without papa bear GlassFish…from zero, we have now a strong community of users, customers and an healthy Grizzly that doesn’t seems to want to hibernate!


Last year we moved Project Grizzly 1.0 from the GlassFish workspace and created a new one, which we tagged as 1.5. Then we started building the community with several open design meetings to finally release 1.5. And then with the help of the community, we released 1.5.1, 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.7.0 and recently 1.7.1. But the release is not what I consider the most important! What I consider the most important achievement we did is to grow our community…and listen…January 2008 is our best ever score in term of emails!). It is difficult to name all the contributions we got since one year (look at our front page for a lot of documentation), but here is some highlights:

You can see Grizzly in action in several projects and of course Grizzly is still an important piece of GlassFish, and part of the micro kernel of GlassFish v3, orbits its Comet framework (quite popular those days!), support the SIP protocol in Sailfin, shine with JRuby and have fun with Phobos in Netbeans!

So…happy birthday Grizzly and thanks to all the contributors, users and animals that helped us over the last year!

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