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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the CometSamplesInGlassFishv3

v3 has now full support for Grizzly Comet..this is just the beginning as v3 is still under active development. Still I’m surprised to see it working on Firefox 3:


Want to build your own Comet application? Look at Shing Wai simple but powerful tutorial. Want to see how the Comet revolution looks like on v3? Download one of the following samples:

To try them, Download GlassFish v3 Technology Preview 2, unzip the file and start it using

    java -Dv3.grizzly.cometSupport=true -jar ${glassfish.home}/modules/glassfish-10.0-SNAPSHOT.jar 

Next, copy drop the *.war under ${glassfish.home}/domains/domain1/autodeploy and you are ready to see Comet in v3! Want to see more powerful demo? You can also try the Direct Web Remoting DWR demo an soon, Ted from ICESoft told me WebMC will shake the v3.

Or maybe you would like to embed the Comet Runtime directly in your application like <Atl>Mobile is doing? Then you can try the samples,but this time using Grizzly runtime:

 java -jar grizzly-comet-webserver.jar -p 8080 -a samples_name Servlet_name


java -jar grizzly-comet-webserver.jar -p 8080 -a \
grizzly-comet-chat.war com.sun.grizzly.samples.comet.AjaxCometServlet

The Comet revolution continue 🙂

_uacct = “UA-3111670-1”;


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