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Building GWT Comet based web app using Grizzly Comet

I’m getting a lot of requests to share our JavaOne BOF slides where we have demonstrated the use of GWT + Grizzly Comet.


Download the presentation here. We are still working on cleaning up the demo (and make sure I can commit the GWT code inside the Grizzly workspace). So stay tuned for the demo, but it is so simple to use Grizzly Comet + GWT you might not even need a demo :-). Unlike Jetty, you don’t need any changes to GWT core classes to make it work 🙂 I was thinking to start blogging about GWT + Grizzly Comet integration, but I still need to write the follow up to my Grizzly SIP implementation first, so the preso should be a good startup. If you have questions, post them here or send an email to

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