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Fronting GlassFish v3 with Apache httpd

GlassFish v2 supported Apache httpd for a while…but when we started GlassFish v3, we dropped such support to focus on things like modularity, performance, a monster called Grizzly, etc. Hence previous version of v3 couldn’t be used with Apache via Tomcat’s mod_jk….that’s no longer the case. Better, we have simplified the way to do it. You no longer needs special jars file from Tomcat. Apache support is now fully included inside our distribution, which makes it quite simple to enable. Much simpler that what I’ve described here.


Want to try it? Download GlassFish v3 (wait for tomorrow nightly as I enabled support today) and just edit:

% vi ${glassfish.home}/domains/domain1/config/domain.xml 

and add under your http-listener:

<http-listener default-virtual-server="server" family="inet" 
security-enabled="false" enabled="true" server-name="" 
address="" acceptor-threads="1" port="8009" id="jk-connector"
xpowered-by="true" blocking-enabled="false" >
      <property name"jkEnabled" value="[true|false]">

That’s it. Notice the port number. That’s the one you need to add to your /etc/apache2/ file.

Haaaa!Much simpler than for GlassFish v2! The implementation is new so feel free to post your comments on the alias in case you want…more!

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