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Onedoteightdotsix is out: A speedy Grizzly is out again!

This week we have released our latest monster version (1.8.6). 1.8.6 is the foundation for GlassFish v3 Prelude (the fish can’t breath without the bear, and swim quite fast!), Sailfin 1.5,…and many many new applications!

Picture 478.jpg

Curious to see who is using 1.8.6, just look at how many questions we got…and look at their email address to find who is using the monster! The 1.8.6 is our biggest community effort so far and the release has been postponed many times because some users (not from Sun) were seeing problems. We have made several fixes, and one of the coolest one is we have improved the ARP/Comet performance by almost….3 times! We also optimized our Bayeux implementation (Cometd), and made performance improvement to our embeddable http server, and continue to build our own new Servlet Container. On the framework side, we have now two new commiters, John and Sebastien, and both have written great tutorials (here and here). What’s next? Grizzly 1.9.0 will contains NIO.2 support, and as soon as next week I will restart my “Tricks and Tips” series, but this time with NIO.2.

And get ready, the new flavor of the monster is coming really soon: Grizzly 2.0! November 2008 should unleashed the redesigned version of Grizzly. Interested in 2.0? Check the preso Alexey and I did this week. The bear is not yet ready to hibernate!

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