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Atmosphere 0.1-ALPHA1 released with Support for Tomcat, Jetty, Grizzly and GlassFish

Atmosphere 0.1-ALPHA1 is now officially released and support Tomcat, Jetty, Grizzly and GlassFish. Finally a Comet/Ajax Push framework you can build on top of it and deploy everywhere!


In the upcoming weeks I will start blogging about how easy it is to write cool Comet Application using Atmosphere.

Below is the official announcement


Atmosphere CPR (Comet Portable Runtime) module 0.1-alpha1 is now ready to be tested, 
explored and deployed. Please visit out web site to download it:

    * http://atmosphere.dev.java.net

    * http://is.gd/ngPP

if you are using Maven2, just add:


As always, your feed back is more than appreciated.  Please visit the
users list and leave some comments:

    * users@atmosphere.dev.java.net


    * http://twitter.com/atmosphere_java

This is our first ever release and we support

* Autodetection of Container (we are are portable!)
* Tomcat 6.x
* Jetty 6.x
* GlassFish v2.x
* GlassFish v3 Prelude, v3
* Grizzly 1.9.x
* OSGi enabled

What coming in 0.1 GA
* WLS (BEA) support
* Maven create-artifact support
* Resin support
* Servlet 3.0 support
* Blocking I/O Server support (Tomcat)
* Several Broadcaster (for filtering/aggregating)
* Async I/O (emulated).

The Atmosphere roadmap/design can be browsed from here:

    * http://is.gd/l3hN

Checking out the release
    * svn https://www.dev.java.net/svn/atmosphere/tags/atmosphere_0_1_ALPHA1

How to get started

The main interface for creating Atmosphere application is called AtmosphereHandler:

     * https://atmosphere.dev.java.net/nonav/apidocs/org/atmosphere/cpr/AtmosphereHandler.html

To suspend/resume a response or broadcast messages, use:

     * https://atmosphere.dev.java.net/nonav/apidocs/org/atmosphere/cpr/AtmosphereEvent.html

0.1-alpha1 ship with two easy to learn sample:


    * http://is.gd/ngJQ


    * http://is.gd/ngJW

Those samples can be downloaded from here:

    * http://is.gd/ngQv

What your application needs in order to use Atmosphere

To bundle Atmosphere inside your web application, download atmosphere-cpr jar file from here:


and put it under WEB-INF/lib

Download the context.xml file (required for Tomcat support):

   * http://is.gd/ngMm

and put it under META-INF/ or your war file

Optionally, you can define you AtmosphereHandler by creating an atmosphere.xml like:

   * http://is.gd/ngM1

under META-INF of you war file

This is optional, as the framework can autodetect your AtmosphereHandler and 
map it using it class's name (see the chat demo for more info).

File issue here:

  * https://atmosphere.dev.java.net/issues/



    * http://is.gd/ngOy

(Source code)

    * http://is.gd/ngOW

A set of blogs/tutorial will be available soon from here

    * http://is.gd/ngPm

Follow us on Twitter for daily update about the project status.

This is your chance to participate to a revolution. Join the community soon 🙂

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