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Atmosphere 0.1 GA available with Twitter, Flickr and Chat sample

After couple of weeks collecting feedback from the newly created community (THANKS!), Atmosphere 0.1 GA is now available with support for Glassfish 1/2/3, Weblogic 9.x and up, Tomcat 4/5/6, Jetty 4/5/6/7, Grizzly 1.9.x, Winstone, etc.


All of the above containers are supported out-of-the-box, e.g. you download our web.xml template, set your servlet-mapping, and you ready to write a portable Comet application. Based on the container you are running on, Atmosphere will auto-detect their native Comet API and uses it, or fake it if not found (like Tomcat 4). The only one “container” that doesn’t work is…Servlet 3.0 Async proposal! Why? Because Servlet 3.0 Async is not enabled by default (strange decision ;-)) so you must either annotate your Servlet to tell the container you want to use async features, or you add a special element in web.xml. But since it requires the Servlet 3.0 DTD, Atmosphere cannot support 3.0 Async as an application using a web.xml targeted for 3.0 will not deploy in Servlet 2.5 Container (the majority of them!). Yes, that’s bad (to not say that suck..I did try all kind of hack without success!)! So if you want to use Atmosphere with Servlet 3.0, your application will not be portable..unless you switch your web.xml…NOT! Hopefully I can make the Servlet team change their decision as this is really really bad for any framework that want to support 3.0 and existing native Comet implementation.

Atmosphere 0.1 natively supports:

  • GlassFish (Grizzly Comet)
  • Weblogic Async Servlet (9.x and up)
  • Tomcat AIO (Tomcat 6, JBoss Web)
  • Jetty Continuation
  • And emulate Comet on any others Servlet Container supporting the Spec version 2.3 and up

How to get started? Read this simple intro (or just drop Atmosphere CPR under WEB-INF/lib) or download one of our samples

What’s next? Before 0.2 release my plan is to write a complete tutorial which demonstrate all the Atmosphere powerful features. Even now, it is crystal clear than writing a Comet application is much more easy and fast than using any native implementation, including the upcoming Servlet 3.0. So start today using it!

As usual, feedback appreciated by either sending your questions to users@atmosphere.dev.java.net or by tweeting us!

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