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Leaving Sun Microsystems

It is always hard to write these type of posts. As of December 4th, I will no longer be with Sun Microsystems.


It all started from working on Java EE1.3 and a server called Tomcat. I was on Tomcat for a couple of years and then came with the idea of a NIO based HTTP Connector for Tomcat called … Grizzly 🙂 Funny it never ended into Tomcat! Grizzly started with SJS AS 8.0 and slowly replaced the old Netscape C Runtime and Tomcat inside Sun’s products (they are many many now :-)). I’ve then moved to a Project called Minnow, a components based server running on top of Grizzly and Maven 2. You start Grizzly and Grizzly was, at runtime, taking care of downloading/installing the artifacts needed to serve the request: Containers installed on the fly! The project got canned as soon as I’ve presented it internally …I’ve always had trouble inside Sun with my projects 🙂 … but it has opened the door to GlassFish v3 as the code got re-used to create the Grizzly based micro-kernel of the current GlassFish v3. Didn’t wasted my time finally 🙂 During that time GlassFish moved from being a Zero to a Hero, and now it is just amazing to see where GlassFish is and the perception the community have of it. My fingers hurt when I look at the emails traffics we have generated on users@glassfish! Finally the “Comet things” surrounded me and at the end I’ve created the Atmosphere Framework, which is positively invading the planet those days :-).

I will really miss my team I’ve been working for the last 7 years…..Now the sad news: I will stop working on both GlassFish and Grizzly on December 4, letting something I’ve created growing by itself. But the Grizzly community is quite mature and I’m fully confident to see amazing release in the future! BTW, since I am privately getting up to 30 emails per weeks from early adopter or existing GlassFish users, please make sure you either ping Sun’s support directly or use the Grizzly/GlassFish public mailing list to get the appropriate response starting now 🙂

What about Atmosphere? This project is way too innovative to leave it and I will continue working on it or on something similar, depending on what Sun is up to :-).

Where do I go? I’m going to Ning.com. Don’t worries I will continue polluting this blog and worse you can always follow me on Twitter!

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