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Async Http Client 1.0.0 released

A few month ago, we, at Ning, open sourced our Async Http Client  library:

Today we are announcing the 1.0.0 GA availability. This release includes many improvements, bug fixes and features based on our community’s feedback. You can browse the complete (and long) change logs:


In short:

  • Default Async Provider powered by Netty 3.2.1.Final (just released!)
  • Support both http and https
  • Support the majority of  HTTP method like OPTIONS, GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, etc.
  • Works well with JRuby, Python, Groovy, etc.
  • Works well with asynchronous WebServer and Framework like Jetty Continuation, Atmosphere, etc.
  • Many useful utilities to optimally manipulate the request/response.
  • More than 100 unit tests you can look at to get started.
  • And many many more.

You can now use the following dependency


or clone our repository from:


Our next release roadmap can be browsed from here:


Finally, if you are interested to contribute or have any questions, join our group here:


Thanks to all the contributors from Ning and outside Ning!

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