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Leaving Ning

Today I’ve officially resigned from Ning. Ning was a wonderful place to work, but I wanted to spend more time with my three little monsters and avoid traveling to California so often. I’ve never worked in a team of skilled architects like that and I will miss all the learning I was doing every day. Thanks to all of you and I’m sure Ning will be a great success!! I hope we all keep in touch!

What I’m gonna do? My quest for my next company start this week … things may move quite fast as you all know 🙂 For sure I will take a couple of weeks off as I’ve left Sun on a Friday and the next Monday I was at Ning. Bad idea but I was so trilled to join a great place like Ning!

I will not disappear completely as I can’t stop improving my Atmosphere Framework and support our growwwwwing community..so I will not be 100% on vacation. I also want to explore Akka as this project is so interesting and the community there is just awesome, and i can be dangerous as I have commit access :-)! I will also continue to actively work on the Async Http Client…actually I will spend more time on it now!!.

So, Just follow me on Twitter for summer news :-).

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  1. Marek
    September 6, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Hi Jeanfrancois,
    nice blog, but those URL snapshots are really annoying – one has to keep the mouse pointer out of the text not to get overwhelmed by the load of popus…


    • September 6, 2010 at 11:40 pm

      Salut! Do you know how to disable it in WordPress…I can’t find 🙂 Nice to read a post from you :-)!

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