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September 8, 2011 8 comments

I took this summer off in order to explore what can be done with the Atmosphere Framework. I have to admit I was extremely surprised about the number of emails I did received for supports, new features, venture capital stuff etc. As you may already know, I’ve decided to join to pursue the work on Atmosphere.

The future of Atmosphere has never been brighter than now…starting mid September, I will be allowed as much as 50% of my time to work on Atmosphere. That’s A LOT, more time than I ever got allowed at Sun, Ning and Sonatype. For the last two years I’ve innovated on my own time, helped growing the community, do some talks, but I had never a chance to spend the time I wanted on the project. Not anymore!!

So soon I will restart contributing (created a lot of great things over the summer) and work on Atmosphere 1.0, which I hope I can do before next year. The roadmap is simple: stabilize, documents (quite needed), merge all the pull requests/donations for the client side, push the Socket.IO supports, etc. Since I haven’t received what I wanted from Oracle on Atmosphere, I will also rewrite some part of the framework completely to get rid of the CDDL/LGPL stuff in favor or a pure APL licensing (more than 75% is APL right now anyway). And of course the project will stay under Github, and Twitter will still be used for communicating news (either atmo_framework or jfarcand). Stay tuned, the future is bright for Atmosphere!


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