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NettoSphere: A WebSocket and HTTP server based on the Atmosphere and Netty Framework

Introducing NettoSphere, A Java WebSocket and HTTP server based on the Atmosphere and Netty Framework.  NettoSphere easily allow the creation of WebSocket and/or Comet applications. This blog will quickly demonstrate how simple and fast it take to build WebSocket application.

If you don’t know what is Atmosphere, take a quick look at this blog.

NettoSphere supports all Atmosphere API, which means you can write REST style application via Jersey or pure AtmosphereHandler. You start the server by doing:

   val server : NettoSphereServer = new NettyAtmosphereServer.Builder.config(
             new Config.Builder()

As an example, you can write bi-directional WebSocket application by adding the following WebSocketProtocol:

class MyWebSocketEchoProtocol extends WebSocketProtocol with Serializable {

  override def onOpen(webSocket: WebSocket) {"Client's connected {}",
         webSocket.resource.getRemoteAddr )

  override def onMessage(webSocket: WebSocket, message: String) {

Now client wise, any WebSocket library will works (like the jQuery.atmosphere.js, wCS or AHC), or using bare metal WebSocket API

    function showMessage(text) {
        document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = text;

    var ws = new WebSocket('ws://' + + '/echo');
    ws.onopen = function() { showMessage('Connected!'); };
    ws.onclose = function() { showMessage('Closed'); };
    ws.onmessage = function(msg) { showMessage(; };

That’s it. That doesn’t have to be complicated!! For more information, go to the NettoSphere main page or ping me on Twitter!

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