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Atmosphere 1.0, the Asynchronous JavaScript/Java Framework now available!

September 4, 2012 36 comments

Today, after almost 4 years of in and out works(*), I’m really happy to announce the immediate availability of the Atmosphere Framework version 1.0, the only Asynchronous JavaScript/Java Portable framework running on the JVM!

The Atmosphere Framework ships with multiple components, and can be used with JRuby, Scala, Groovy and Java:

  • Atmosphere Javascript: The client side of Atmosphere, supporting by all browsers. Supports Websockets and HTML 5 Server Sides Events when available, transparently fallback to Http Streaming/Long Polling or JSONP when not supported. Available for JQuery and Ext JS. Supports sharing/multiplexing a single connection amongst browser’s windows/tabs.
  • Atmosphere Runtime: The server side of Atmosphere, supporting all major WebServers. Supports WebSockets and HTML 5 Server Sides Events when available, fallback to WebServer’s Native Comet Implementation or the ugly Servlet 3 Async API at last. Also works transparently on top of the Netty and Grizzly Framework (no Servlet Container required). It also transparently brings WebSockets support to any exiting Servlet, without any changes required!
  • Atmosphere Jersey:  A native extension to the Jersey Framework (REST). Transparently brings WebSockets and HTML5 Server Side Events to  your REST architecture, using the JAX RS API. Also support the strange JAX RS 2 Async API.
  • Atmosphere GWT: A native extension to the GWT Framework. Transparently brings WebSockets and HTML5 Server Side Events.
  • Atmosphere Socket.IO: A native extension to the Socket.IO protocol. Free you from node.js, brings you the JVM scalabilty for free. WebSockets included.
  • Atmosphere Cometd: Run the Cometd Framework on top of Atmosphere, get portable WebSockets  and the cloud API for free.
  • Atmosphere Cloud API: Many module are available to make your application working into the cloud. Native Support for Redis PubSub, Hazelcast, JGroups, XMPP (GMail), JMS

Atmosphere is natively supported and available in PrimeFaces, Apache Wicket, Vaadin, Grails, RichFaces, Scalatra, Apache Tuscany, JQuery-Socket etc. and works fine with Spring and Google Guice.

Atmosphere works fine with Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 10+, Chrome 2+, Safari 2+, IOS 2+ and Android 2+ and supports connections sharing across multiple tabs and windows as. Open one connection, share it on all pages!

Atmosphere works with every Java EE Application Server and can automatically negotiates the best transport between the client and server. Atmosphere’s support portable WebSockets with Jetty, GlassFish, Grizzly 2, Tomcat and Netty. Write once, deploy anywhere!

Atmosphere ships with many samples, so get started very fast.

In short, Atmosphere works everywhere and with every framework. Websockets, Server Sides Events or any HTTP techniques are supported transparently. Write one javascript, one server file and Atmosphere will make it work every where, without any changes! As simple as (Client)

    var request = { url: document.location.toString() + 'chat',
                    contentType : "application/json",
                    transport : 'websocket' ,
                    fallbackTransport: 'long-polling'};

    request.onOpen = function(response) {
         // Display the user logged

    request.onMessage = function (response) {
        var message = response.responseBody;
        var json = jQuery.parseJSON(message);


@AtmosphereHandlerService(path = "/chat", 
interceptors= {AtmosphereResourceLifecycleInterceptor.class})
public class Chat implements AtmosphereHandler {

    public void onRequest(AtmosphereResource r) throws IOException {

    public void onStateChange(AtmosphereResourceEvent event) throws IOException {
        AtmosphereResponse res = r.getResponse();

        if (event.isSuspended()) {
            String body = event.getMessage().toString();
            res.getWriter().write(new Data(body).toString());

You can see the Wordnik’s Atmosphere implementation lives, servicing approximatively between 40 to 50 millions of requests per day on (depending on enabled pages), or with any website using our Related Content PlugIn.

Atmosphere gets more than 25 000 downloads per month and widely used in production. Follow us on Github or Twitter. The more we are the better it will be!

(*) I would like to gigantically thanks Tony Tam and Erin McKean (and the team @Wordnik) for allowing me to work a significant amount of my time on Atmosphere every day, since last year!!.

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